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  商品名稱: Looptroniks Crux Pop Synths Vol.3 Wav 音色素材
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Looptroniks Crux Pop Synths Vol.3 Wav 音色素材

.Crux: Pop Synths Vol 3. once again brings you the best-selling Pop and

Dance sounds. This third series adds to the previous with more of the

ultimate Pop and Dance synths. arpeggiators and spaced out sound effects

that will bring a chill up your spine! Your music will go from average

to amazing with this pack!

Don.t buy the same drums when what you need are the new futuristic synths.

These 10 Construction Kits give you everything you need to turn your

creative juices on!

All sounds and samples are Royalty-Free for you to use in a commercial

production or even for DJ/remix purposes. You can use these samples in

as many ways as you desire.

These Construction Kits are supplied in 24-Bit WAV format.

Product Features:

‧ All parts are Royalty-Free

‧ Keys and tempos are included

‧ Kits in the Pop Dance style

‧ All parts are tracked out (No Drums Included)