商品編號: MED2097
  商品名稱: Nucleus SoundLab BFD Core
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
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Nucleus SoundLab BFD Core

Nucleus SoundLab and FXpansion present BFD Core Refill for Propellerhead Reason 6+. BFD Core ReFill is a synergy between the best-in-class drum samples of FXpansion, partnered with the proven sound design experience of Nucleus SoundLab. The goal of this product is to be the absolute best drum ReFill available for Reason. Whether you need an incredibly detailed and produced drumkit for your mix, or you need quality samples to produce a drumkit of your own, BFD Core ReFill delivers.

BFD Core ReFill's sample content includes the very best of FXpansion's BFD2 sounds - which were then further optimized for the Reason architecture. These kit pieces are by far the most detailed drums available for Reason, both in terms of separate mic positions, and depth of velocity layers. They also take advantage of Reason's alternate sample playback to ensure that it's nearly impossible to hear the same sample twice.

Nucleus SoundLab has taken these samples and brought them into the Reason environment with care. Special attention has been taken to optimize RAM usage with the creation of lite patches for low-memory systems and projects. Next, Combinator Drumkits have been created that take full advantage of the amazing breadth of samples available. If the sounds themselves don't serve as enough inspiration to craft a great drumbeat, BFD Core ReFill also includes over 2200 MIDI Drum loops in various genres to get your track started.

Note: that Reason 6+ is required to load the Combinator Drumkits. However, the NNXT kit pieces load on Reason 3+. That means you can use the ReFill to create your own kits with Reason 3+. Also note that 2GB RAM minimum is recommended for the best experience with this ReFill.

3.6GB of high-quality FXpansion drum samples:

  16 Velocity Layers

  3-5 Discrete Mic Positions

  Alternate Sample Playback

57 NN-XT patches:

  7 Kicks

  8 Snares

  18 Toms

  14 Cymbals

  4 HiHats

  6 Percussion Elements

75 Combinator drumkits:

 Lite version of all patches included

 2200+ MIDI drum loops