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  商品名稱: Open Bar Music Sample This Series Vol 5 Tech House Part 2 WAV 音色素材
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Open Bar Music Sample This Series Vol 5 Tech House Part 2 WAV 音色素材

Full collection of Beats. FX Sounds. Loops. & More in WAV format.

All loops are set at 120 bpm - 130 bpm. These samples are sold to you for

a one time fee and do not require any further licensing! 34 year old DJ-

Producer Christian Scott. (Fuego Records. Open Bar Music began his interest

in music breakdancing at age 7. Djing for 20 years old. he was taught by

his father who was a head bouncer at the Paradise Garage club and was friends

with Larry Levan.

Mac and PC compatible and will work with nearly all music software packages.

Use for Reason. Sony Acid. Halion. Cu-Bass. Kontakt. Stylus. Ableton Live.

Cakewalk. Digital Performer and all compatible samplers.

Guaranteed copyright free for use in your music.