商品編號: MED2017
  商品名稱: Samplephonics Deep House and Tech Konstruktion 音色素材
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
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Samplephonics Deep House and Tech Konstruktion 音色素材

This sample pack contains 11 fully mixed construction kits. complete with full mixes.

separate track stems. individual drum loops and samples and kick free top loops. Each

track has been expertly crafted and touches on a variety of styles in house and techno.

offering the user a wealth of options and total flexibility.

Designed with the re-mixer in mind. this sample pack provides the inspiration and the

tools to get you making music right away. as well as providing some really useful

utility loops. drum loops. drum samples and rhythm loops. They can be used to construct

full tracks. or the individual loops and samples can be used separately in new tracks.

The songs have a deep vibe running throughout. touching on various styles of house and

techno such as tech house. deep techno. deep house and minimal house.

All loops and samples are presented in 24 Bit for ultimate sound quality and come ready

mixed. just drag the loops into your session and start making some music!